Games to enhance connection with your children during lockdown

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These games will help you to use games from Theraplay (an attachment therapy) while at home during lockdown. I will demonstrate how to use the games at home with your child/children, or maybe a s a family, to enhance deep connection. This deeper connection will lead to your child feeling more secure, which will help them to endure the worries of this troubling time. This first video demonstrates a game called “play doh squeeze”

Play Doh Squeeze

Hi everyone – here is the first in the series “connecting through play at home”. This is a lovely game, really good for calming jittery minds and bodies! All you need is some play doh, hands, toes…. and a little time. Enjoy & let me know how you get on……

Posted by Johanna Mulligan Play Therapy on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

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